Education – whose business is it?

By Derek Morrison, 7 February 2012 I like exploring the byways of what our national and international media have to offer; particularly regarding perspectives on the future of learning and teaching in an increasingly digital and globalised world. Consequently, I sometimes stumble upon something of particular note worth sharing. But before I share please indulge […]

Newton’s reincarnation?

by Derek Morrison, 14 July 2011, updated 17 July 2011 I’ve noticed more and more people turning up at various higher education conferences or seminars with iPads rather than the traditional laptop. My interest lay not in the iPad’s obvious attraction as a highly portable media access and consumption device but rather in how it […]

Technology to Enhance Learning in 2015?

by Derek Morrison, 26 April 2010 (updated 30 April 2010) Any views expressed in this posting are those of this author alone and should not be construed as necessarily representing those of any other individual or organisation. I recently gave a presentation on the future uses of technology to enhance students’ learning experiences at a […]