An “Amazing” business model

by Derek Morrison, 17 June 2009

While some are wondering if the digital zeitgeist will obliterate their ‘traditional’ business models others are looking at how the they can enhance theirs. One such new kid on the national UK digital radio/ internet radio block is called Amazing Radio which is broadcasting test transmissions at the time of writing from its base in Newcastle; a fact unique in itself (all other UK-wide stations broacast form London). So what else is unique? Simply the synergy between the partner web site and the radio station.

So what! you say, “it’s common nowadays for radio and television stations to have web sites”. The difference here is that the web site is the source of all the music played on the digital radio broadcast. There are several notable interactions here. First original unsigned artists upload their unique creations to the AmazingTunes web site. Second, said artists receive 70% of the download cost (currently 79p) with the other 30% going to the company. Third, music for the radio station playlist is selected by what’s proving popular on the web site. Even the DJ’s are selected by audience participation. Apparently ethical, a clever synthesis of older and new models, and, because its focus is on unsigned acts, it should provide a showcase for new emerging talent. Perhaps there’s something here for those interested in how learning technologies could be employed, or ideas and content/information disseminated, in Higher Education could learn from?

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